Underground Warriors — Background Information

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Firstly, welcome to Underground Warriors a new blockchain play to earn game on the Lamden network. This article will help you understand Lamden, Underground Warriors and how to get playing the game.

What is Lamden?

From the Lamden Website: (www.lamden.io):

Lamden is the performant Python-Based blockchain platform that makes using and creating the next generation of dApps easy for everyone. With distributed governance and rewards for smart contract developers, Lamden democratises access to the blockchain.

Why use Lamden? Lamden is fast.. really fast which is what is needed for a great game. It is cheap to transact and built on python so developers can build on it quickly. It also rewards developers for their content and use of the blockchain. We love it and if you give it a chance you will get to see all the amazing features built in.

Lamden has it’s own wallet, think of it like Metamask but on the Lamden blockchain. You can download it here as an extension for your browser.

Here is an article on the Lamden wallet basics.

Underground Warriors — Details

Check out the site if you have not already: https://undergroundwarriors.io/

A good overview by the Lead Developer (Diego) — Overview

Are you from The Philippines?

Some video reviews on Underground warriors by GG nics and ALROCK 2.0:


I want to play!

Underground warriors is a P2E game (play to earn), the basic character box will be around 1500 WP (subject to change), and you can check the current price of WP in TAU on Rocketswap here.

Lots of people ask “What is CA?” or “What is contract address?” Lamden has contracts but you don’t need to know this to play the game.

To play you will need some $WP, for in game purchases, and some $TAU to pay for transactions costs (Its like “gas” on Ethereum network except Lamden is much cheaper).

Each character can fight 10 times a day resetting at 0 UTC each day. Entry into each match costs 2 WP and initially a win will earn you 8WP (increasing as you progress). There is a minimum withdrawal limit so you will need to play for a few days to earn enough to do your first withdrawal. More details are found in each section of the Underground Warriors handbook — read it all!

Minimum Specifications

The game graphics are beautiful, the animations smooth but all this comes at a cost. Running in a browser can consume a decent amount of memory and CPU on lower speced machines.

Chrome is the only officially supported browser, it will run on many other browsers however this is the browser where if something goes wrong we will help. Otherwise, our first suggestion will be to use Chrome browser.

Running this game on a Pentium or similar you are likely to run into issues (100% CPU usage, freezing, low frame rate, etc). Recommended to be running i3 or better and at least 8Gb of Ram. If you run into issues, close other windows, extra applications, etc to free up as much processing power and ram as possible, clear browser cache and shut down the browser fully (or even a fresh restart on the PC) can help.

Example: An 11th gen i7 will peak in CPU use in-game at about 10–15% CPU use, so the graphics can put a strain on smaller machines. Similarly, RAM peaks at about 4Gb for the game window when in use.

Running on mobile devices — not supported currently. People have managed to put it onto mobiles and are happily playing however it is not supported.

There are plans currently to develop a version in which slower/lower-end PCs and mobile devices will run smoothly by limited the animation in-game — stay tuned for a release of this version




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