Lamden Investor Compendium

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Answers to commonly asked questions and information about the Lamden Blockchain

I will keep the filler to a minimum and get right to answering questions:

What and/or who is Lamden?


Lamden is the performant Python-Based layer 1 blockchain platform that makes using and creating the next generation of dApps easy for everyone. With distributed governance and rewards for smart contract developers, Lamden democratises access to the blockchain.

Lamden team — Check our website!

But, I can’t be bothered reading a whole website!

  • Total Supply: 248 Million TAU
  • Circulating Supply: circa 170 Million TAU
  • Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS)
  • Written in Python from scratch, Python smart contracts
  • 100k TPS est.
  • Cheap transactions and free bridging into Lamden
  • 1% burn on transactions (will be votable by DAO)
  • FIFO — first in first out on transactions. No gas wars!
  • dApp developers get 90% of tx costs for building on Lamden
  • Large Lamden Labs developer fund to help developers get started
  • Gitcoin bounties to help expedite delivery of additional features
  • Dev team was originally focused on building all parts of the ecosystem before scaling. Scaling is now the number 1 priority — see roadmap.

Latest news weekly digest below.


Glad you asked — Lamden 2021 Roadmap

What is happening?

Weekly updates of what is happening in and around Lamden is available on Reddit here is the latest:

Community maintained Lamden progress tracking


I need stats!

Check for Lamden stats, graphs, dapps, tokens and contract details

Applications on Lamden

Check the application lists on and

Developing on Lamden and come chat on Lamden Developer discord channel.

Dreaming of dapps? Perhaps Lamden developer Jeff’s articles can help?

TLDR; I just want to buy TAU

Lamden mainnet launched over 12 months ago, which means as a layer 1 we reside on our own blockchain. There are a number of options to enable you to buy TAU:

Centralized Exchanges:

Decentralized Exchanges:

Note: Pancake swap TAU is a BSC contract established by the Lamden team make sure you use the correct contract (see below). BSC TAU can be swapped 1:1 with Lamden mainnet TAU via the bridge.

DO NOT buy old ERC20 TAU this is an old token that existed before mainnet launch and you will be stuck with something that cannot be swapped.

Lamden blockchain basics

If you intend on using the Lamden blockchain you will need to use the Lamden wallet. A wallet guide is available which includes where to download (chrome store) and basic features to get you started.

NOTE: If you get an error when using the wallet this help guide will help understand the problem.

On-Ramps to Lamden:

Currently, tokens created within Lamden, including TAU, cannot be sent outside the Lamden ecosystem — a two-way bridge is in the works to remedy this. There is a one-way bridge to swap the BSC TAU token for a Lamden TAU coin, this is not currently reversible (you can’t swap that same TAU back to BSC).

An overview of the main pathways into the Lamden Blockchain and the interactions between applications and blockchains.

Do not attempt to transfer a currency or token to Lamden without using a bridge. Bridges allow tokens to be transferred across 2 different chains. Lamden’s bridge solution is called LamdenLink —

The Ethereum Bridge allows WETH to be transferred both ways for use on Rocketswap and exiting back to Ethereum.

Pancake TAU:

The Lamden team have setup a token on BSC for Lamden TAU, this is a BSC (BEP20) token, you can migrate it across to Lamden mainnet using the LamdenLink (one way) to exchange 1:1 for mainnet TAU.

The BSC BEP20 TAU is used to target a larger user market for awareness and entry to the Lamden Blockchain and to provide a low fee solution for Play2Earn players to enter the Lamden ecosystem from BSC to play Underground Warriors.

The BSC TAU has ‘value’ because it was created by the Lamden team and is redeemable 1:1 with Lamden mainnet TAU via the LamdenLink. Mainnet TAU has a fixed supply, so no new tokens were created on Lamden for this, they were pulled from the existing total supply of 248 million mainnet TAU.

BEP20 TAU Contract: 0xdfa3b0019ecf48c753b58908b5a21d11641ba56f

NOTE:Verify you are buying the correct TAU on pancake based on the contract details above — anyone can make a BSC token.

Stable Coins:

Rubix is the stable coin of the Lamden Blockchain. Website here, prerelease article with the team here

Other stable coins — Lamden uses $LUSD as a container asset to hold stable coins from other chains. This allows ultimate flexibility for end-users who can bridge major stable coins to Lamden as $LUSD, then exit Lamden to mint a stable in the users chosen stable coin. At the time of inception, this will be limited to $USDT, with more stables to follow.

Cold Storage

The code to add Lamden as a token to ledger devices was submitted a few months ago to the Ledger team, we are how waiting to see when they will add Lamden to Ledger.

I found ERC20 TAU in my wallet!

Let me give you the bad news upfront — the swap window closed and any outstanding mainnet TAU was burned (Proof of burn here)

The swap was communicated with the window open for over 12 months which included a 6-month extension before the swap functionality was removed from the wallet then unclaimed mainnet TAU burned.

Community article on recap of TAU swap

I want to use Rocketswap — help me!

I want to play Underground Warriors!

I want to draw and create NFTs on Pixel Whale!

Good Lamden reads

Musings from lead developer Stuart Farmer:




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