My First Token — A Lamden Story of Exploration

6 min readMar 29, 2021

In this walk through we are going to look at how incredibly easy and cheap it is to create a token on the Lamden Blockchain. I will walk you through everything step by step so you too can have a fat stack of tokens with your name on it.

You will learn:

  • How to make a token on the Lamden Blockchain
  • How to create and load a logo for your token
  • How to get your token to be visible in your Lamden wallet
  • How to get your token to appear on RocketSwap

You will need:

  • Your Lamden Web Wallet with approximately 15 TAU in it
  • RocketSwap setup — see my guide here (because hey, we need to throw some TAU behind our great idea and let people trade it).
  • A drawing application that saves as PNG (plenty of free options out there)

OK. Lets make a start by doing some prep.

1. Logo creation! This is not a drawing tutorial, so lets keep the instructions to what are the restrictions. Keep the file size under 32kB (which is a pretty small file) — my suggestion would be 96x96px size and aim for a logo that fits within a circle just in case any corner trimming occurs. It does not need to be a circle, some people have made shields, others, rain clouds. Remove the circle when done, save with a transparent background (it just looks better) and as PNG.

Handy Logo Template

NOTE: You could also do this as an SVG if you are inclined — link here. However, I will keep it simple and concentrate on PNG for you.

There are plenty of free drawing apps that will save in PNG even Microsoft Paint will work! Online apps like PixelArt also work.

2. We need to turn that great artwork you have just created into a base 64 string. Sounds complicated, however someone made an app for us. Head to . Choose the file you created then click Encode PNG to Base64. In the Base64 box on the right hand side is a download option, download the output — the file will be called Base64.txt

3. Next! Creating a smart contract for a Lamden Standard Token. Well, in truth, we are just going to edit this one below. Copy the code block below.

# LST001
balances = Hash(default_value=0)
# LST002
metadata = Hash()
def seed():
# LST001 - MINT SUPPLY to wallet that submits the contract
balances[ctx.caller] = 1_000
# LST002
metadata['token_name'] = "MY TOKEN NAME"
metadata['token_symbol'] = "TKN"
metadata['operator'] = ctx.caller
# LST002
def change_metadata(key: str, value: Any):
assert ctx.caller == metadata['operator'], 'Only operator can set metadata!'
metadata[key] = value
# LST001
def transfer(amount: float, to: str):
assert amount > 0, 'Cannot send negative balances!'
assert balances[ctx.caller] >= amount, 'Not enough coins to send!'
balances[ctx.caller] -= amount
balances[to] += amount
# LST001
def approve(amount: float, to: str):
assert amount > 0, 'Cannot send negative balances!'
balances[ctx.caller, to] += amount
# LST001
def transfer_from(amount: float, to: str, main_account: str):
assert amount > 0, 'Cannot send negative balances!'
assert balances[main_account, ctx.caller] >= amount, 'Not enough coins approved to send! You have {} and are trying to spend {}'\
.format(balances[main_account, ctx.caller], amount)
assert balances[main_account] >= amount, 'Not enough coins to send!'
balances[main_account, ctx.caller] -= amount
balances[main_account] -= amount
balances[to] += amount

4. Head over to your Lamden Wallet and follow these steps:

  • Click Smart Contracts on the left menu
  • Click con_new_contract, which will populate the text box with a simple smart contract
  • Delete all the simple smart contract text in the text box
  • Paste in your smart contract you copied at step 3.

5. We need to make 3 edits to this smart contract which are all near the start under def seed():

First — balances[ctx.caller] = 1_000_000

1_000_000 — Is the number of tokens to be minted. 1 million tokens is a good number however, if you have the urge to have more or less, follow the numbering convention used which uses underscores as shown. If you want 10,000 it should be 10_000 do not do this 1_000_0 .

Second — metadata[‘token_name’] = “MY TOKEN NAME”

Change “MY TOKEN NAME” to the name of your coin, keep it short and also keep the “ “ either side.

Third — metadata[‘token_symbol’] = “TKN”. Replace “TKN” with your abbreviated token name, most people go with 3–5 characters. Keep it short and keep the “ “ either side again.

6. Click Check Contract, you should get a green bar at the bottom saying Contract is OK. If it is red, you made an error in the contract it will tell you the line number etc however I would suggest going back to step 3 and try copying and editing again. Click Submit to Network.

7. You will get a screen similar to below. We need to select the account with our TAU (10 approx needed) in it which will also receive our new fancy token. And we also need to name our contract — I would suggest following the naming convention offered: con_new_contract, so keep the con_ and _contract , replace new with your token name. If you use spaces replace with underscores. Write down you contract name, then click SUBMIT CONTRACT.

8. After a few seconds you should get a transaction successful message. At which point in time you have made your first token. We do have some tidying up to do, so let’s put your logo to use:

  • Click Smart Contracts on the left menu
  • Click + which is near con_new_contract.
  • In the Open Contract pop-up, input the contract name you wrote down at step 6, then click OPEN

9. This will open the contract you just created.

  • Scroll down to Contract Methods and the change_metadata box.
  • Populate the key(text) field with — token_logo_base64_png
  • In the Value(any value) field you will need to open the Base64.txt file you downloaded earlier copy the entire contents and paste it into the box.
  • Click the small blue run button beside change_metadata.

10. You will get a Submit Transaction pop-up. Select your account to pay for the transaction (1 TAU = 65 stamps). Then click CONFIRM TRANSACTION.

11. After a few seconds you will get a transaction successful message. Now lets make it visible in your wallet.

  • Click Accounts on the left menu
  • In the pop-up under What to add? select Token
  • Then enter your contract name in the contract name field, then press ENTER
  • Give it 5 seconds to think….It should have loaded your token name, your token symbol and your logo!
  • Click ADD TOKEN.

12. You token will now appear in your wallet and you can transfer it to others, or to your other wallets!

13. Optional — loading to RocketSwap:

  • I have covered how to manually transfer from one account to another in this guide here and the same applies when transferring your new token to your rocketswap account. So go ahead and transfer some to rocketswap
  • Now if we want people to swap our token we need to provide some liquidity for it — that is we need to supply both TAU and TOKEN into a pool that can be used for swaps. I covered how to add liquidity in this guide here. This can be used for your Token also. Just remember, the ratio you initially set your liquidity pool will be how is remains until swaps start occurring. So, if you get it at 100TAU = 1 Token. Thats how it will look initially on the swap screen.


If you are interested in more walk throughs, the RocketSwap Guidebook has some handy hints on how to navigate Rocketswap effectively.

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Check out Lamden or drop in and be a degen in the Troll box at RocketSwap




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