Pixel Whale — Getting Started

A set of easy to follow instructions for first time users of Pixel Whale. To help walk you through how to connect a Lamden Wallet and add funds so you can get started using the app!

Whether you’re here as a purveyor of fine pixel art to add to your NFT collection, or a budding artist looking to fulfil your pixel-y dreams, you are going to need some Lamden TAU.

Pixel Whale saves all your brilliant art ‘on chain’ — that is to say, when you click create, it is committed forevermore to the Lamden Blockchain as an NFT, and if you set a Buy Price — it is immediately available to buy automatically through smart contracts (nifty huh!). To make all this wizardry work we need TAU. Here are some estimates — to save your art you need around 3–5 TAU, and another 1 TAU to set a price.

If you are buying, there is a small transaction cost (1 TAU), and of course the cost of the art itself — have a browse around!

  • You will need the Lamden Wallet installed. You can download it from the google chrome store here.
  • If you don’t have any TAU, you can get buy some from TXBit here.
  • You will need to transfer your TAU from TxBit over to your Lamden Wallet.

That’s it lets get setup!

1. Access your Lamden web wallet and make sure you have some TAU in an account.

TIP: You can refer back to your Lamden wallet to see the Pixel Whales process progress — the account created, funds transferred or transaction history etc. For now move on, you can check this out when we are done.

2. Navigate to https://pixelwhale.io and enter the site.

3. For first time users, it should automatically prompt you to connect your Lamden wallet, if not, click the Connect Wallet at the top right of the screen.

4. You should get a pop-up from the Lamden Wallet for Linked Account Creation. This is going to create an account in our Lamden Wallet just for Pixel Whales (this is a Lamden security feature to restrict dApp access).

4A. The first pop-up will just explain what I have mentioned above. Click NEXT once you have read it.

4B. Second pop-up allows you to send TAU from one of you accounts to the Pixel Whales account. I highly recommend you do this as part of this step (otherwise you will have to do it manually later). Input an amount to transfer, then click YES.

4C. Last pop-up is the approval. This is to authorise Pixel Whale to make transactions to it’s smart contract. Read then details, select Yes, then click CREATE ACCOUNT.

One final step! Head over to your Lamden wallet and backup your wallet — this is IMPORTANT! After every account is made you NEED to backup your wallet. So, head to your Lamden Wallet, on the left menu click Backup Wallet, then click Backup Wallet -> on the main screen. Choose Create Backup File then follow the prompts.

OK now we are done. You have setup your account in the Lamden Wallet, and you should have also transferred funds as part of step 4. (go and check just to be sure). You should also see TAU in the top right of the screen on Pixel Whale — this will be the same amount that you transferred, and also the same figure you see in your new Pixel Whale account in your Lamden Wallet. AND, you also backed up your wallet, just to be safe, well done!

NOTE: If you don’t see TAU in Pixel Whale (top right corner) after performing this setup trying refreshing your browser page — it should turn up then.

NOTE: If you forgot to transfer funds don’t worry — here is a guide to help you.

Interested to find out more about Lamden? Check them out here:

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