Rocketswap listed on Coinpaprika

Rocketswap was listed as an exchange on Check it out here —

It only lists basic details currently, but it is a foot in the door. It offers a lot of opportunity to expand the details, add more tokens and drive additional awareness for Rocketswap and the Lamden ecosystem.

Currently listed is WETH/TAU — that may be due to WETH and TAU already being recognised on the platform. Check us out here under WETH (only 7 exchanges and we are one of them!):

Next step will be to get RSWP listed with a TAU pair.

Token Creators

If you are interested in adding your token to coinpaprika, follow the steps found here on the Coinpaprika site. Please be sensible with details, descriptions and website details provided as you are representing Lamden and Rocketswap.

Also, since you are working on your tokens, you should check out the metadata requirements for the Rocketswap API. To give us the best chance of capitalising on new opportunities token creators are encouraged to apply the metadata requirements found within the token creation documentation on rocketswap — link here. This ensures that metrics used by the Rocketswap API will return a meaningful result; so if we need to use the data in the future your token will be compliant.

Perhaps you can think of some other metadata that all tokens should have? We are essentially pioneering our own standard, so get thinking.

Work is still ongoing with other sites such as CMC and Coingecko so this is only the beginning!

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