Rocketswap NFT Giveaway — Facts and Figures

To celebrate the soon to be released Yield Farming on Rocketswap and just because we like giving things away. We created this NFT giveaway! Swap them, sell them, hold them, burn them — your choice.

If you have not entered, check the tweet here to enter make sure to leave your PixelWhale address in the comments.

How rare is your NFT? Lets find out!

NOTE: Due to the relatively low numbers of NFTs generated, some input figures are not entirely accurate (hey that is random for you!).

1. Initial determination of main item:

  • Alien Ship (70% chance) (3 Animation Frames)
  • RSWP Rocketship (20% chance) (4 Animation Frames)
  • Tesla Car (5% chance) (8 Animation Frames)

2. Additional artefacts:

  • If Alien ship, then 40% chance of pink alien, 60% green
  • 50% chance of comet
  • 50% chance of Saturn
  • 50% chance of Blue Star (Rigel)
  • 50% chance of White Star (Icarus)
  • 50% chance of Red Dwarf (Proxima Centauri)
  • 50% chance of Earth like planet
  • If Earth planet occurs, 50% chance of Moon **

** This rule was removed part way through minting due to enforcement of non-duplication rule in Pixelwhale contract (see below)

3. Easter Eggs!

  • Aliens may have taken over the Tesla! If Tesla, then 40% chance of alien domination
  • A human may have stolen an Alien ship! 2% chance
  • Our Rocketswap pioneers may be carrying extra passengers. 10% chance
  • Fungus Planet.. not random, 1 assigned. (Reeeeeeee! WHAT! see below)

4. Issues

Good ol’ randomness! During the minting process we encountered duplicates, which the Pixelwhale contract would not allow.

No problem! Roll the dice again on remaining non-minted NFTs to generate new combinations.

Problem… after 3 re-rolls it appeared we were out of unique combinations (I think, and I was burning 1 TAU on every attempt).

Solution 1 — Remove Earth + Moon requirement, allow remaining NFTs to have a moon without an Earth. 99% Success!

1 remained!… Introducing the fungus planet by yours truly. Contents still random, however I forced the recolour to make it unique and thus allow it to pass the PixelWhale validation.

Also, the originals I used to generate these NFTs to build the first strings will be burnt. As soon as I figure out how. :)