$RSWP Staking — Earn 100% from day 1!

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Yep, you heard it right — Earn 100% of staking from day 1, so you only have less than a day to get your stake in to maximise this reward.

How does it work?

Team Rocketswap will be overriding the yield reward ramping for RSWP which would normally increment 10% per day for 10 days — to 100%. The ramping will still be occurring in the background however it won’t count until the end of the first 10 days. This means, if you stake from day 1, you will bypass the ramping entirely.

When does it start?

Staking contract starts accruing interest — Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 06:00PM UTC


Normal — before we added the extra reward for early stakers.

Stake Day 1 — Earn 100% from day 1 until you withdraw. The best option!

Stake Day 5 — Earn 100% for the last 5 days, drop to 60% on the 11th day and increase 10% every day after to 100%

Stake Day 10 — Earn 100% for 1 day, drop to 20% on the 11th day and increase 10% every day after to 100%

Stake Day 11 — you missed the bonus. Normal rules apply, 10% per day up to 100%.

So get RSWP staking!

Visit the Rocketswap Telegram if you have questions




‘Jack-of-all-trades, master of none’ and crypto crazy.

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‘Jack-of-all-trades, master of none’ and crypto crazy.

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