Streetfighter Handbook — Your first Character

2 min readOct 26, 2021


Let's get started on your first character!

You will need:

  • A PC or Laptop
  • Chrome Browser (Official support)
  • Your Lamden wallet installed and logged in
  • Some $WP
  • A small amount of $TAU to pay for transactions — suggest about 100 $TAU

UW Website

Navigate to . The first time going to this website you will be required to connect your wallet with the application and approve its use (you should see a pop-up, follow the instructions).

NOTE: Make sure you have $WP and $TAU in the account you connected with.

First Character

Head to the “Black Market” to buy your first character. You have two options, you can select a random starter character to buy (pack is called “Starter UW”) or purchase from other players who have listed their characters for sale — these are not random and you can pick which character you would like to play.

Click Buy and you will be guided through the purchase process.

NOTE: Do not click buy multiple times, give it a little time to complete the on-chain transaction otherwise you might end up with errors.

Starting your first game

Go to “My Characters” tab, you will see the character you just bought. If it is not in the “My Warriors” section, select it from your “Available Characters” by clicking select.

After that, you are ready to play! Click the Play button and the game will load. From here you are on your own, good luck :)




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