Underground Warriors — Characters

This section of the Underground Warriors Streetfighter Handbook covers details about playable characters.

You can access your characters from any screen by clicking My Characters in the menu or from the Home screen by clicking the section with the *friendly* Mr. Allard.

My Characters Screen

My Characters Screen

The My Characters screen provides details on your available fighters including your currently selected fighter and at the bottom, your fighting history.

Available Characters

For Season 1, there are 6 characters available to play; Blaze, Raindrop, Winry, Sabrina, Boulder, and Hebi.

Limited Edition Characters

Limited edition characters are available under certain conditions then are no longer minted. The first run on limited edition characters was in September 2021 and included Ash (Fire), Zo (Water), and Niko (Wind) which was to raise funds for UW WP token exchange listing and marketing.

While not as rare as the Legendary Characters below (1 of), there are very few chances to grab something truly unique in UW and this may be as close as you can get. These first 3 were limited to 20 each.

Stay tuned for future limited-edition character releases.

Legendary (Founders) Characters

In addition to the 6 playable characters and rare limited edition characters for users, there are one-off founders characters which was a perk for early supporters of the game which are playable by founders. These offer no advantage over regular players and are a cosmetic NFT more than anything (they look amazing!).

Character Stats

Clicking on a character will reveal the stats for that character:

Looking at each of these stats in turn:


Elements define the playstyle within the game with elements providing passive benefits and also revealing strengths and weaknesses against certain other elements.

Passive benefits:

Fire — Increase attack points.
Water — Increased life point regeneration and improves resistance to debuffs.
Wind — Increases evasion and improves the chance of not taking damage.
Thunder — Increases the chance of critical hit and critical damage.
Earth — Increases health and defense points.
Poison — Increases attack points and health regeneration when the opponent is poisoned.

Each element has an advantage or disadvantage (BASE DAMAGE / BASE DEFENSE) against the opposing element.


Characters can upgrade from 1 to 5 stars, which is possible every 10 levels (first star level at level 10). To increase in tiers you will need element crystals and WP (covered in the tokenomics and rewards article). Increasing in tiers improves the amount of WP earned for winning a fight.


Character level increases with the completion of the necessary experience at each level. The amount of experience required at each level to achieve the next level also increases. Increasing in levels improves the characters' base stats. The maximum level is currently level 50.

When you reach level 12, you will be able to participate in fights against other players (PVP) as well as access to tournaments and special events if you meet the requirements (tournament tickets, etc).


Health Points — you run out of these in a fight, you die.


Resistance to damage — a higher Defense figure means you take less damage in a fight


Base attack damage — a higher Damage figure means you deal more damage

Critical Chance

Percentage change to inflict a critical strike, dealing 2 times the normal damage of the attack


Percentage chance to evade a hit and not take damage

Standard starting stats

Updated @ version 1.2.1

Leveling and Customising your Characters

Level up

Leveling your character increases your stats as follows:

  • +40 Health Points
  • +5 Defense
  • +8 Damage
  • 0.09% Critical Chance
  • 0.05% Evasion

Crystal Use

Consuming a crystal of the type matching your element improves your stats as follows:

  • +10 Health Points
  • +3 Defense
  • +2 Damage
  • 0.1% Critical Chance
  • 0.1% Evasion

You are limited by the number of crystals you can consume. For example, from levels 1 to 10, you can consume a maximum of 4 crystals.

Tier increase

Increasing in Tier increases the rewards given to your fighter for wins in combat, it also improves your character as follows:

  • 120 Health Points
  • 15 Defense
  • 20 Damage
  • 0.1% Critical Chance
  • 0.1% Evasion

Increasing in Tier is possible once you have consumed enough crystals through the Crystal use (section above)— so at level 1 to 10, this is 4 regular crystals. Once you have consumed 4 crystals, reached level 10, you pay WP to increase in Tier by 1.

Details on Crystal use and WP requirements to increase Tier and WP rewards increase:

Fully upgraded Characters — Level 50 Tier 5

Custom one-off changes

Each character has the option to increase their basic stats by 5 points. This improvement has a cost in WP and can only be done ONCE! — so choose carefully.

Example using Hebi:
2 POINTS IN HP → +20


Unique Points Distribution

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