Underground Warriors — Linking Accounts

Details on how to link your accounts within the Underground Warriors game on the Lamden Blockchain for LP boosting.

Linking your UW Account to Rocketswap

Once you have connected your Lamden wallet to Underground Warriors you can associate the UW account with your Rocketswap account which is needed to give you boosts based on the amount of liquidity you provide in the TAU/WP pool. If you don’t have any LP, this step is not needed.

1. Click My Characters from the menu on the UndergroundWarriors website.

2. Towards the top right of screen will be a button, Link Rocketswap, click this.

3A. In the pop-up, enter your Rocketswap account number (copied from your Lamden wallet) then click Get Number Validator.

Step 3A

3B. The game needs to verify the Rocketswap account is yours, it will request you send a small amount of WP to your UW account to prove this. You need to send the exact amount it asks for — no more, no less. Clicking on the amount copies it to your clipboard. If you are new to Lamden, this article covers wallet basics including a section on Transferring Tokens.(Contract name is: con_uwarriors_lst001).

Step 3B

NOTE: After you transfer the required amount to your UW account the pop-up will automatically detect this and post the following message:

Success message after transfer

You will now see on your My Character screen in the top right, your LP Boost which is tied to your Rocketswap TAU/WP LP amount.

LP Boost applied

That’s it! You have now linked your Rocketswap account to your UW account.

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