Underground Warriors — how to move funds to play

Confused about how to get over to the Lamden blockchain to play Underground Warriors? No problem, lets walk through how to do that.

If you are new to the Lamden blockchain, I suggest reading the bottom section — Suggested Reading.

Transferring Funds

Pick the option below which suits your situation:

1. You already have $TAU. Great! all you need to do is head to https://undergroundwarriors.io/ and connect your wallet to the application. If you forget to transfer TAU during this connection process you can manually do it with this guide here (scroll to section titled, Transferring Tokens).

2. You use Ethereum blockchain:

  • OK, if you have USDT or would like to use an exchange, you can go to BigOne exchange and purchase TAU. You will need a Lamden Wallet to transfer the funds — download here and guide here. Then follow option 1.
  • If you have Ethereum and would prefer to use Metamask, you can use this guide here to use the LamdenLink (bridge from Ethereum to Lamden)

3. You use Tron(TRC20), Binance chain (BEP20), Polkadot(DOT) or EOS? Join BigOne exchange and convert your chosen currency to $USDT, then buy Lamden $TAU with $USDT. You will need a Lamden Wallet to transfer the funds — download here and guide here. After that, follow option 1 above.

4. You are on some other blockchain? Usually moving to Ethereum blockchain is the most common method of transfer (however it might have high gas prices). After that see option 2 above.

Farming WP on Rocketswap

The full Rocketswap guide is available here, however we can go through the basics to farm WP in the liquidity pool. Skip through any steps you have already completed previously.

  1. Download the Lamden wallet. (Basics on how to use it linked here)
  2. Guide on how to connect your wallet to Rocketswap
  3. Guide on how to transfer funds (TAU/WP) to Rocketswap
  4. Guide on how to add Liquidity to Rocketswap
  5. Farming WP rewards:
  • On Rocketswap click Farm in the top left, then find the WP LP farm. It will look like this:
  • Add your WP LP which you created when adding liquidity.
  • Click STAKE and follow the on screen prompts. You will now begin earning WP


Don’t forget to join our channels on telegram. The community is helpful and can answer most of your questions:

Suggested Reading

If you are just starting out within the Lamden ecosystem I suggest reading the following:



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