Underground Warriors — Moving Funds to Play

2 min readAug 28, 2021


No matter where you are starting from, we can get you to Lamden to play. Some ways are easier than others depending on where you are starting from and what tokens or fiat you have.

To play Underground Warriors you will need $TAU (for on-chain transaction costs) and $WP (the Underground Warriors in game currency). The picture helps to find where you are, and where you need to go:

So have you found where you are starting from? Great! Here are some articles and videos to help you on your way:

If you get lost come chat to us in Underground Warriors Telegram, use the picture above to describe where you are and what you are trying to do. We are here to help.

Example coming from Binance to Lamden:

  1. Get USDT from Binance using p2p or any methods that easier for you.
  2. Sign up and transfer USDT to https://big.one/
  3. Get TAU on https://big.one/ exchange (TAU-USDT pair)
  4. Download and setup Lamden Wallet for Chrome, Edge and Brave Browser here
  5. Go to rocketswap.exchange and connect the wallet (look at bottom left)
  6. Go to your Lamden Wallet, at the bottom you can see you have 2 accounts now. Addresses are on the right side of screen.
  7. Copy the Rocketswap address to transfer TAU from the big.one exchange to the Rocketswap wallet
  8. See TAU amount reflected in your wallet by checking in the Lamden Wallet or at bottom left part on rocketswap.exchange
  9. Go to Swap tab on rocketswap.exchange and swap TAU to $WP as much as you need




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