Underground Warriors — Tokenomics & Economy

Aug 28, 2021


Details about Underground Warriors tokenomics, distribution and system economics.


Token Name: Underground Warrior Point

Token: $WP

Token Symbol:

Contract: con_uwarriors_lst001

Total Supply: 40,000,000 WP (Diluted Market Cap)

Presale: 8,000,000 WP

Initial Liquidity Pool: 4,000,000 WP + Presale TAU

Charts: TAUHQ — WP

Price: Rocketswap — Market Price


Game Economic Flow

LP Boost

Experience and WP bonuses are awarded for players invested in the LP pool on Rocketswap at a rate of 0.2LP to 1% exp bonus up to a maximum of 100% (20 LP).

Special events will happen from time to time which will boost the LP Bonus received.

The amount of WP and TAU required at any given time fluctuates with the current price of WP vs TAU. As at 02/09/2021 the figures were as follows:




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